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Check out samples of content produced using ContentAuthor.AI. Click on the thumbnail to launch the content.
NOTE: The PDF files used to produce samples have been sourced from the Internet. These files or content are openly accessible. The samples produced using the content are not intended to be redistributed or used formally for learning. The sole purpose is to demonstrate how ContentAuthor.AI can transform content into variety of formats.
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Experience innovation in learning content creation

Delegate interactive learning content development to Generative AI technology

ContentAuthor.AI (Beta) automates and accelerates content creation from data in your PDF files to a wide range of content formats.

Get a Sneak Peek into the Future of eLearning Development

ContentAuthor.AI (Beta) aims to radically simplify eLearning development.
Exponentially increase your ability to generate content on the fly.

Build and offer outstanding learning content that can be readily distributed using your LMS, LXP and several other means.

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