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Increase the ROI on your Banking & Financial Services Learning Programs With rapid evolution and technological disruption in financial domain, learning plays a pivotal role in organizational success. Trust our expertise to successfully deal with this transformation.

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Custom Learning Solutions

We take a consultative approach to create tailored eLearning content that manages the complexity of the training requirements and build a design that successfully addresses needs of diverse target audiences.

Competency Based Solutions

Gain competitive edge with knowledgeable and highly competent workforce. With careful assessment of job performance requirements, we design learning programs by aligning them with workforce competencies, thereby ensuring development of skills, knowledge, and behaviours needed for driving organizational achievement.

Standards and Compliance

We build courses that adhere to global eLearning standards and support compliance related needs. Forget about challenges with SCORM, xAPI, Accessibility and several other digital content related considerations with our expertise and support at your service.


Translating courses is essential for making learning more accessible, inclusive, and relevant to a global audience. Our team has expertise in producing courses in multiple languages using best practices for translation and locallzation by effective use of design standards and templates that allow rapid and cost effective development. We have developed courses that have been offered in more than 40 languages to support diverse workforce and business needs of global corporations.


Custom Training Solutions

We create tailor-made eLearning content. From interactive learning modules to immersive learning experiences, we blend knowledge with creativity for high-impact, engaging solutions. Whether it’s training professionals or senior leaders, our content is custom-built and localized to meet your specific needs.

Competency Based Solutions

We offer cutting‑edge Competency‑Based Solutions designed to empower organizations in achieving excellence. Our approach centres on assessing, developing, and optimizing the competencies of your workforce. Through tailored programs and tools, we enable you to align skills, knowledge, and behaviours with your industry's specific demands. Harness the power of competencies to drive growth, innovation, and sustainable success.


Standards And Compliance

We offer meticulously customized training programs that adhere to global eLearning standards and compliance requirements. Our commitment to tailoring each program ensures that clients receive top-quality educational content that empowers their workforce to excel in today's competitive business environment.

Localisation and Translation

We have expertise in adapting learning resources to regional linguistic and cultural nuances. This approach ensures a customized experience for professionals globally. We can adapt existing learning materials or create new ones that ensures scalable, engaging, and flexible solutions to reach diverse audiences effectively.


Our Experience

An insurance company faced declining sales arising from a knowledge gap in the sales team regarding their products. As a solution, we implemented an interactive mobile app-based training program that included realistic product simulations, engaging assessments, and dynamic learning modules. Our program enabled the sales force to significantly improve their understanding of the products, and in turn their performance. By facilitating a deep understanding of insurance products, we helped our client achieve a substantial boost in sales.

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One of our clients, in the financial domain, faced the challenge of developing a comprehensive and engaging onboarding program spanning various verticals. The solution we crafted comprised a dynamic onboarding platform that combined personalized content with interactive elements. Our platform enabled new hires to receive tailored training modules, interactive simulations, and access to mentors across the organization. The new onboarding program was instrumental in increasing employee productivity and engagement in a shorter period of time across all verticals.

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Our client, in the banking and financial services sector, required an engaging and effective compliance training program for their employees, that addressed complex regulatory requirements. Our solution, a dynamic 2D video-based training program, leveraged engaging animations, real-life scenarios, and interactive quizzes, and facilitated employees’ comprehension of intricate compliance issues. Through our transformative learning experience, employees demonstrated a stronger grasp of regulatory requirements, resulting in reduced compliance-related errors and risks.

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A banking client identified a pressing need to strengthen their employees’ audit skills, for investigating accounting discrepancies. Our solution was a game where the root cause of missing money needed to be identified from the banking records. As employee engagement increased, their audit skills improved substantially, leading to the avoidance of errors and potential fraud. This is a testimony to the efficacy of our gamification of learning.

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Since the inception of our collaboration in 2019, we, as a distinguished educational company, have deeply felt the synergies of our partnership with Mitr. The demand for high-quality digital learning material is paramount in our industry, and Mitr has proven to be an essential component in our endeavours. Through our collaboration, we have co-developed impressive interactive modules in Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. These modules stand not only as a testament to Mitr's technical prowess but also to their profound understanding of the educational sector, spanning both K12 and higher education. What sets our partnership with Mitr apart is not just their technical expertise, but their exceptional spirit of collaboration. At every step of our shared journey, we've experienced open communication, proactive solutions, and a genuine desire to enrich the educational experience. We take immense pride in the relationship we've built with Mitr and wholeheartedly recommend them to other educational companies looking to elevate their digital content.

Tilo Knoche,

CEO (Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH)

MITR has been a long standing, valuable resource to ExploreLearning. Starting in 2014, they've been a valuable partner in several of our product development and support activities, navigating technology and support challenges. They've been a steady and dependable source of project and engineering talent.

Mike Rodbell,

VP Technology (Explore Learning)

We have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Mitr, spanning over eight years. During this time, they have provided vital development resources and capabilities, enabling us to enhance our digital delivery platform and products. Along the way, they have provided a core set of development resources and been able to scale the team as needed while maintaining consistent, high-quality, and on-time deliverables.

Jesse Deming,

Development Manager (Perfection Learning)

We have been working with MITR’s eLearning services for seven years. They have collaborated with us to take our existing traditional courses and transform sections into digital short courses that incorporate videos, narration, interactive animation, and quizzes. These digital short courses have served as a successful response to our customers’ needs for smaller chunks of training and provided us with an additional revenue source.

Michael Plishka,

Business Development Director, Education (ASM International)

It has been a pleasant experience working with MITR. Appreciate their timely delivery of professional digital learning materials. It was great to have their help in producing different versions of a product that catered to different markets. They did a great job, responded quickly, and solved the problem effectively.

Kelly Li,

Dictionary Publishing Division (OUP China)

I’ve been working with MITR since mid to late 2022 and my experience with them has been excellent. MITR team are consummate professionals that tend to Sadlier’s projects with expediency, expertise, and care, while always bringing great ideas and creative solutions to the table when dealing with complex problems that arise when developing multifaceted digital products and services. MITR has been a great partner for Sadlier in helping our digital product teams build the best-in-class products and services for our customers.

Adeet Deshmukh,

Product Owner, Interactive Content (William H. Sadlier, Inc.)

We have partnered with the team at MITR for over 10 years and found their work ethic and quality to be of the highest standard. Always responsive and professional they are a pleasure to work with. Over the years we have shared some tough assignments with tight deadlines and they have never let us down. Spanning from converting old Flash courses into HTML5, creating new elearning modules in a range of tools, rapid trouble shooting, building diagnostic tools and more recently a new game format which is critical to our portfolio strategy. MITR provide a dedicated team which gives us peace of mind that those creating learning products for us understand our requirements and challenges and work hard to make sure projects are a success. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Spencer Holmes,

Director (Totem Learning Ltd)

The work done by MITR is high quality, timely and efficient. They have been communicative and easy to work with throughout our project. They are responsive and flexible with our changing project needs and able to anticipate our needs throughout the development process. We would recommend their development team to others and would work with them on future projects.

Anna Amici,

Distance Learning Digital Manager (Carolina Biological Supply Company)

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